Kainuun Talkkuna is made from
whole-barley corn by cooking
and roasting. Roasted corns
are ground into flour. The degree
of milling is coarse so the Talkkuna
flour is suitable material for
porridge but the flour can also be mixed to various foods made from
milk (like yoghurt) or other grain.

How to cook the porridge:

1.  Boil the water and a little salt.
2.  Mix the Kainuun Talkkuna flour
     to the water so that it remains
     running (not too much).
3.  Leave the porridge for few
     minutes on the stove.
4.  The porridge is ready. Before
     eating put some butter on it
     and let it melt.

                Matti Arffman
              88120 Tuhkakylä